About Us

The History of KNC (Former DaeJu Group Korea)

Since our founding in 1981, we have contributed to the development of Korean technology by taking part in key industries. Starting out in housing development, we diversified into construction, civil engineering, environmental protection, finance, cement, shipbuilding, paper making, mass media and leisure. We have grown steadily, changing and innovating as we gain the experience and technical expertise to go global.

Our achievements to date have been made possible by a loyal client base and a dynamic and creative workforce that enjoys taking development. Centering on key strategic industries, we have helped develop the economy in Korea’s provincial regions and have supported local communities and cultural programs.

Now we are ready to expand our operations on the global stage to realize our ambition of contributing directly to the global economy. We are constantly improving and strengthening ourselves to compete in an unrestricted global marketplace. To this end, we are traning topnotch professionals, empowering our people with decision-making authority, and adopting advanced management systems to achieve market leading competitiveness.

Daeju has much promise in the 21st century. We are building a platform for future growth and seek to play a leading role in the knowledge-Based society. We will remain close to our customers and provide them with true value, earning their loyalty and respect. As a global concern, our benefits will be extended to customers everywhere.

KNC Construction (New Zealand)
KNC Construction Limited was first established in New Zealand on 12 March 2002. KNC recognized the powerful potential of the Auckland CBD and has several inner-city commercial/residential developments on the drawing board.

KNC has established a strong brand recognition and presence in the market as one of the leading property development and construction company in Auckland with its key projects including, planning of 67 Level Elliott tower (tallest building in New Zealand) and 23 level Commercial officel tower on Shortland Street.

To date KNC Developments company has completed two high-rise apartment projects in New Zealand and further two projects of hotel and apartment are due to commence late this year.


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